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About US

AADEE Movement

Introducing our pioneering mobile application dedicated to the profound journey of pregnancy and parenting, with a resolute aim to foster the birth of healthy, joyful children and contribute to the betterment of our society. Our app encompasses an array of meticulously designed modules, each catering to different stages of parenthood, offering an integrated approach that seamlessly merges ancient Indian Vedas and the science of Garbh Sanskar with contemporary knowledge and technology.

Our Vision

“Uniting ancient wisdom and modern science: Enriching lives from womb to world.” 

Our Mission

“Delivering evidence based resources and practices for a harmonious start to parenthood” 

About the Founder

Asha Vaghasia – The Founder & Parental Educator

Meet Asha Vaghasia, the driving force behind Aadee. With qualifications in parental counselling from esteemed institutions like St. Xavier's and Yale University, Asha is committed to redefining conventional parenting norms.

With a firm determination in mind and commitment to breaking the monotony around conventional parenting practices, Asha Vaghasia established We Positive parenting in 2019 to create a holistic system for parenting guidance in India. Being a parent herself and an educator on parenting issues, she built a unique world where parents could understand the importance of achieving a balance between personal aspirations and the needs of their growing children.

Determined to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, Asha harnessed the power of technology along with her team to reach a broader audience by launching her mobile application, AADEE (meaning the beginning... Beginning of human life). This digital platform became her conduit for disseminating knowledge, providing support, and building a compassionate community of parents striving to create a nurturing and enriching environment for their children.

Asha Vaghasia

Know The Team

Subject matter experts

Dr. Shital Punjabi (Gynec)

Meet Dr. Shital Punjabi, a renowned MD & DGO (Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics.) with over two decades of experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology. As an IVF Specialist, she has helped countless families achieve their dreams of parenthood while earning respect and admiration in her field. 

Dr. Mita (Ayurveda)

Dr. Mita (Ayurveda)

Meet Dr. Meeta Parekh, a distinguished Ayurvedic Consultant with extensive expertise in the field. Armed with a B.A.M.S. and M.E.T.C. degree, she boasts over 20 years of experience in Ayurvedic Consultation. Specializing in Lifestyle Management, Weight Management, Pain Management, and Panchkarma treatments,… she is committed to guiding her patients towards optimal health and well-being through the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. 

Dr. Shipra Bhatnagar

Dr. Shipra Bhatnagar (Nutritionist)

Meet Dr. Shipra Bhatnagar (M.Sc., Ph.D. Foods & Nutrition, NET), our esteemed Nutritionist, Dietitian, and Certified Diabetes Educator. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition, she is dedicated to guiding our clients on their journey towards improved health and well-being. 

Amee dhawal Bhanderi

Amee dhawal Bhanderi (Physiotherapist)

Meet Dr. Amee Bhanderi, she is a highly skilled Garbh Sanskar Coach, empowering expectant mothers with holistic well-being during pregnancy. As a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, she specializes in antenatal and postnatal care, providing expert guidance on exercise and overall health for women during and after pregnancy. Her dedication to nurturing maternal health ensures a positive and fulfilling journey to motherhood. 

Core Team Members

Meera S.

Meera S. (Executive Assistant - CEO)

With a meticulous approach, Meera adeptly manages administration, communication, scheduling, accounting, and HR functions. Her proficiency extends to seamlessly handling client appointments and maintaining client relations. Meera’s dedication ensures a streamlined workflow, fostering precision and professionalism across our endeavors. 

Mr. John Daniel

Mr. John Daniel (Sales Head)

Meet John Daniel, an adept Sales and Distribution professional at Aadee. With a 25-year track record spanning diverse Indian states, he’s a driving force behind our pan-India expansion. Combining strategic finesse with hands-on experience, John ensures both Topline and Bottom-line growth. His skills encompass New Business Development, Digital Marketing, Government collaborations, Social Selling, Business Development, and Sales Management. John’s role at Aadee epitomizes the synergy of strategy and execution, enabling seamless alignment of sales initiatives with our holistic mission.