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Fetus Development: A Month-by-Month Guide
Fetus Development: A Month-by-Month Guide
Fetus Development: A Month-by-Month Guide

Fetus Development: A Month-by-Month Guide

Pregnancy is a curious term for many. It is because expectant mothers often wonder about how their baby grows and develops in the womb. The pregnancy belly that grows month on month is a result of symptoms and changes a woman goes through during that time and the way it affects the development of the fetus.

Women or professionals generally discuss pregnancy trimester-wise. However, as a pregnancy app recommending activities and educating expectant couples, we will discuss the entire journey month by month.


First Month

Generally, pregnancy goes unnoticed in the first month; however, women can identify or check when they miss their menstrual cycle after sexual intercourse.

During this month, the sperm makes its way to the egg, resulting in successful fertilization. The formed embryo will then reach the uterus with the help of fallopian tubes. It is around four weeks after conception that the baby’s initial organs (based on the genetic makeup and gender determined after the embryo formation) begin to develop,

Second Month

The size of the fetus continues to grow. During this month, the skin, brain, heart, intestine, nose, eyes, ears, upper lips, and limbs start to develop. It is in this month the embryo starts resembling a human.

In addition, a round head-like structure will grow at one end, and a tail will develop at the other. However, the belly might still go unnoticed.

Third Month

This month marks the beginning of the fetal stage as the embryonic stage ends. The vital organs of the baby are still under development, but at this time, the female or male genitals are developed. Most expecting mothers will start gaining weight from the third month. Mothers will most likely experience baby’s movements like kicks; however, there’s nothing to worry or panic about.


Fourth Month

At this stage, the fetus will be covered with lanugo (downy hair), keeping them warm. The development of the vocal cord starts in the fourth month; however, this will only function after the delivery. Thus, the immediate or induced crying on delivery.

In addition, the baby’s facial structure will become more defined, allowing professionals or doctors to spot their features/organs. At this stage, the baby will start urinating.

Fifth Month

The development of internal organs speeds up. The heart chambers are defined, and the beats become stronger. Moreover, basic senses like taste buds start developing, and the baby starts responding to light and sound. By the fifth month, your navel will either pop out or go flat.

Sixth Month

Until this time, the baby has wholly developed eyebrows, hair, and eyelashes. Moreover, the umbilical cord’s length allows the baby to move the amniotic sac, helping in muscle development.

The baby’s response to sounds develops more, and it can be felt through the movements. They also start developing a certain activity and sleep patterns.


Seventh Month

The lung continues to develop in the seventh month. By now, the baby starts storing fat in the body, helping them regulate the body temperature. The lanugo starts disappearing since the hairs covering the body reduce. The skin thickens and starts getting pigmented along with the iris.

Eighth Month

The weight gain, lung development, and hair fall continue. The olfactory neurons are forming, and as a result, the unborn will start perceiving strong smells. The brain development is still in process.

Ninth Month

The baby’s head is stuck in the pelvis by now. However, the intestine and stomach function fine. The skin starts adapting to the baby’s color, and the movement significantly reduces, considering the weight and position. The nails develop, and the baby starts producing blood cells.


Fetal development is a beautiful nine-month-long process every human being should be aware of. A pregnant woman’s requirements and overall health (emotional + physical) continuously change and adapt to the fetus’s development. They need to surround themselves with positivity and practice Garbh Sanskar for good development.

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