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Importance of family during pregnancy

Importance of family during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a transition in family life where all members play a vital role. Supporting someone through pregnancy, labor and childcare should be every member’s priority. Be it a father, brother, mother-in-law etc have a pivotal role. This change brings different emotional and physical changes within the family. How do you ask? Let’s have a look below!

Roles of family members during pregnancy

  • Be mindful of what you say and speak. During labor the emotional health of a mother is to that of a roller coaster. Due to fluctuating hormones, mood swings are imminent. It is important for all family members to level their understanding and be aware of their actions because there are chances of unrest in the family.
  • Take charge of handling the house-hold chores. The family should equally divide jobs and take full onus of it. Women during pregnancy should avoid doing any sort of work and should be resting, at all costs!
  • Don’t neglect nutrition. A proper diet should be maintained for the pregnant mother. Priority should be given bring-in clean and nutritious food so that it helps the pregnant mother and child in a holistic well-being
  • Both, maternal and paternal parents should be actively involved in the whole process. A positive surrounding nurtures the mother in many ways possible! It could mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • A positive lifestyle results in a positive outlook. Perspective and importance of making the mother feel at ease should be every family member’s priority.

Roles of family members during pregnancy

Emotional Support

Probably the most important aspect which helps the mother and child go through pregnancy. During the process, mother goes through major mood-swings and physical ailments which results in a change in behaviour. Living in an unconditioned atmosphere makes it difficult for the mother to keep herself together – which is why, every family member should go beyond their ‘roles’ to keep the atmosphere positive.


Physical Support

As mentioned above, the mother should avoid doing work. The household chores should be divided amongst the family members. Developing such a nurturing surrounding makes it easier for the mother and it develops a strong bond within the entire family

Avoids Postpartum depression

A pregnant mother with a strong family is less likely to have postpartum depression. Social wellbeing within the family is beneficial for a pregnant mother to avoid stress hormones. And protects the mother to experience depression after birth.

A positive family leads to a happy and healthy baby and mommy. Pregnancy is usually a time of excitement but sometimes, pregnant women and their partners may experience anxiety and joy while expecting. They have to cope with the changes and unknowns that come with pregnancy and birth. Getting into this bubble of not knowing what to expect could work like a see-saw, sometimes in your favour, sometimes not in your favour. This is where the family comes into the picture and makes sure that the pregnancy should be as smooth as possible for the mother and his/her partner.