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Best Garbh Sanskar Practices for the Third Trimester
Best Garbh Sanskar Practices for the Third Trimester
Best Garbh Sanskar Practices for the Third Trimester

Best Garbh Sanskar Practices for the Third Trimester

Every trimester of pregnancy is a new journey that brings beautiful experiences. However, this journey can be equally challenging, and to ease complications, one of the best things that mothers-to-be can do is engage in Garbh Sanskar activities. Practices listed on the Garbh Sanskar app in English can significantly benefit pregnant women in every trimester, but in this article, we will focus on discussing Garbh Sanskar’s activities for the third trimester.

Garbh Sanskar Practices for the Third Trimester

The fetus constantly develops, and by the third trimester, the baby’s hearing matures a lot. As a result, the baby becomes capable of responding to the external sounds. Therefore, the majority of the Garbh Sanskar practices for the third trimester revolve around hearing and sounds. Of all, three major activities are:

Garbh Prarthana

Prarthana is a Hindi word for prayer. The practice of praying in the third trimester creates a positive environment for the baby’s development.

Garbh Sangeet

Music is known to create a happy and positive environment and can significantly affect a baby’s development. Garbh Sanskar music can vary according to regions and languages in India but is generally instrumentals. It relaxes the baby and also reduces stress for the baby and the mother.

Classical music is the most preferred since it features notes that create a calming effect. You can choose other music of your choice, but it is best to stick to gentle and light tones as loud beats or music can surprise or scare the baby.

Garbh Samvad

This is a practice of communicating with your baby. Even though talking loudly with the unborn might seem odd to a few parents, it has proven benefits. Every time you talk with the baby, it deepens your bond or, as we say, establishes a parent-child connection.

You can narrate a story, describe all the positives going around, tell the unborn about your day, express how much you love the child, and whatnot.

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga for pregnant women is a combination of stretches, mental focus, controlled breathing, and more exercises which helps them maintain physical, mental, and emotional health.

This practice involves both spirit and the mind and has several benefits including better sleep, flexibility, strength, endurance, and reduced anxiety, stress, back pain, and other pregnancy symptoms. Some of the best yoga poses for third trimester are:

  • Santulan kriya
  • Kaak baithak (squatting)
  • Merutarang (spinal flexes)
  • Ardha marjaryasana (semi cat pose)
  • Malasana
  • Pranayam
  • Utkatasana
  • Upvistha Konasan
  • Trikonasana

Apart from engaging in the above-discussed activities, you can also do any of the following:

  • Belly’s tender massage
  • Imagining the fetus inside and preparing for the appropriate birth position
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils
  • Parents talking to each other about the baby
  • Yoga and pranayama under guidance
  • Pursuing creative hobbies like sewing, reading, writing, gardening, drawing, embroidery, mandala art, etc
  • Eating healthy

Wrapping Up

Engaging in Garbh Sanskar practices during the third trimester enhances the well-being of the baby and the mother by promoting emotional, spiritual, and physical health. You can attend the Garbh Sanskar workshop online to understand every aspect of Garbh Sanskar practice better.