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Garbh Sanskar: When Should You Start Practicing It?
Garbh Sanskar: When Should You Start Practicing It?
Garbh Sanskar: When Should You Start Practicing It?

Garbh Sanskar: When Should You Start Practicing It?

Deciding to embark on a parenthood journey is crucial for any couple. The nine-month journey is an adventure filled with an array of emotions. In the middle of several decisions that an expectant couple needs to make during this time, some influence the holistic development of their unborn and the mother’s health. Thus, experts recommend engaging in Garbh Sanskar activities.

While a lot of you might already know, some might not. Moreover, there is often a question about when to start practicing Garbh Sanskar. As the best Garbh Sanskar app, we are responsible for spreading awareness. Thus, this blog.

What is Garbh Sanskar? (H2)

Garbh Sankar is the practice of educating the child even before birth. It is also a practice of maintaining healthy and nurturing surroundings for the child to develop appropriately inside the mother’s womb.

It includes several activities like yoga, meditation, creative pursuits (reading, coloring, DIY, etc), a healthy diet, music, communicating with the fetus, exercise, praying, and much more. These activities comprehensively benefit the expectant mother’s physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being and, ultimately, the child’s health.

When to Start Garbh Sanskar?

Several experts and ancient texts suggest that couples should implement Garbh Sanskar practices in their routine months before conception, i.e., when they begin family planning. However, it does not mean that pregnant women cannot begin this. They can start Garbh Sanskar irrespective of their ongoing trimester since the fruit of benefit is extremely sweet.

Let us take you through trimester-wise fetal development to help you better understand the importance of Garbh Sanskar’s activities.

First Trimester (Months 1 to 3)

The first trimester is when you learn about the good news, but it is also the trimester with heavy pregnancy symptoms. The first three months are extremely crucial since most miscarriages happen during this time, and these months also act as a pathway for a healthy pregnancy. You may end up experiencing fatigue, morning sickness, food sensitivities, mood swings, changes in body, and more.

Thus, you must stay positive while maintaining your physical and emotional well-being. Engaging in Garbh Sanskar activities like yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, massage, prayers, and music during the first trimester will help create a positive development environment. Moreover, it will keep the mother calm, ensuring she is in good mental space to deal with emotions and challenges that might come her way during pregnancy.

Second Trimester (Months 4 to 6)

The pregnancy glow, as we call it, will take over you in this trimester. You might notice the rapid development of the fetus throughout the fourth, fifth, and sixth months. The hearing will develop, and the unborn will start responding to the external surroundings and noises. This is the time when educating the fetus begins.

Some of the best Garbh Sanskar activities you can engage in through the second trimester are communicating with the child, singing for the baby, yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, and reciting prayers or spiritual mantras. This will boost holistic development, affecting the moral values and behavioral attributes the baby inherits.

Third Trimester (Months 7 to 9)

This is the last cycle of your pregnancy, and we understand the excitement or nervousness you may feel. But know that this is where the baby will adapt to things quickly. It is a period where hearing capabilities and the brain develop even further. Apart from responding to the noise, the baby will start responding to the touch and light. Therefore, it is your responsibility to create a nurturing and positive environment.

For the third trimester, the best Garbh Sanskar activities include a healthy diet, communication with the child, visualizing the baby and getting the correct birth posture, imagining the baby’s bright future, yoga, meditation, creative pursuits, and much more. These activities will help your baby stay ahead in the standard development curve.


Garbh Sanskar is a beautiful approach expectant couples can take for the comprehensive and healthy development of the fetus. It is beneficial for the mother’s and unborn’s physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health, irrespective of when you begin. However, ensure complete knowledge and perform the activities under guidance. To learn about Garbh Sanskar and its activities in detail, you can download Aadee, our Garbh Sanskar app in Gujarati and English.