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Partner’s Guide to Caring for His Pregnant Wife
Partner’s Guide to Caring for His Pregnant Wife
Partner’s Guide to Caring for His Pregnant Wife

Partner’s Guide to Caring for His Pregnant Wife

“We are pregnant” are three magical words all husbands love to hear. It is said that the nine months of pregnancy are like a roller coaster ride for mothers; however, this also applies to the fathers-to-be. Even though husbands cannot do anything but wait to hold their newborn, it is their responsibility to be supportive and caring for their pregnant wife who is growing life inside. One thing that you, as a husband, should be aware of is that your contribution isn’t limited to the biological process. We can say extending emotional and physical support to your spouse throughout the journey is essential. Hence, the support of family during pregnancy becomes very important. We understand you might find it bewildering, and some of them might even question, “How to take care of a pregnant women?”. Thus, we decided to highlight some things you can do to take care of the mother and baby developing in her womb. So, let’s begin!

Here are 4 Tips to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife

Respond Nicely to the News

All the care begins from the time you receive the news. Even if you didn’t plan for the arrival of your little joy, be sure not to react in a way that comes across as unexcited or sad. There are chances such responses can make your better half insecure or confused. Some inappropriate reactions include tears of agony, lashing or confronting her, and making disgusting faces. Instead, understand what a pregnant woman needs and act accordingly. Relax and encourage her to show confidence that you are willing to be a great dad.

Be There for Doctor’s Appointments

Accompanying your pregnant wife to regular checkups will help you understand the current situation, including complications, if any, in the pregnancy. A woman during her pregnancy may experience sudden changes in emotions, which is why you must carefully understand the doctor’s take. One more good reason is that ultrasounds or scans aid in establishing a father-child bond before the child is born. So, even if you are the busiest during those days, consider what a pregnant woman needs from her husband and take time out for the appointment.

Help With the Stress

It is an undeniable fact that pregnancy is emotionally and physically draining. The emotional state keeps changing from time to time, including stress. Therefore, find the answer to the question “How to keep your pregnant wife happy” and ensure not to overburden your wife with unnecessary pressure. In fact, help her with the household chores, take time for her, and engage in activities that interest or relax her.

Good Sleep is a Must

Sleeping during pregnancy becomes a task as time passes by. During this phase, the child’s weight puts extra pressure on the women’s back muscles, spine, blood vessels, and intestines, especially when they sleep on their back. All of it can lead to decreased circulation, body aches, and sleeping issues. Moreover, babies tend to be super active during nighttime, and your wife might feel constant punches or kicks, ultimately making it difficult to sleep. As a caring husband, you can get a pregnancy or full body pillow, caress back, fulfill cravings that relax the body and mind, and cuddle to ensure she faces less trouble while sleeping.

Wrapping Up

All of the above mentioned is something that you should definitely help your pregnant wife with. However, it would be best if your read pregnancy related books to have an idea of her condition, behave patiently, be okay with constant urination, compliment or talk with her to make your presence felt, be there for morning sickness, make or get her nutritious food, and do all you can to keep her happy throughout the nine months. A pro tip: In case you need help or advice to keep your pregnant wife happy, download Aadee – the best garbh sanskar app!