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5 Pregnancy Misconceptions You Can Safely Ignore
5 Pregnancy Misconceptions You Can Safely Ignore
5 Pregnancy Misconceptions You Can Safely Ignore

5 Pregnancy Misconceptions You Can Safely Ignore

As a pregnant woman or someone wanting to conceive, you might have noticed several dos and don’ts. While several proven facts help women care more for their child and themselves, there are many more myths surrounding the concept of pregnancy. To ignore these misconceptions, you need to know about them. As the best pregnancy app, we take it upon ourselves to convey crucial information to the readers, thus this blog.

Predicting the Baby’s Gender is Possible Without Any Examination

Many people believe that a woman’s baby bump, along with other observations like glow, symptoms, cravings, heart rate, etc., indicates a specific gender. However, this claim/belief is not scientifically proven. In reality, the shape of the bump is influenced by the stomach’s muscle tone.

One can only identify a baby’s gender by ultrasound, blood test, or specific examinations. While blood tests to confirm the gender can be done around 10 weeks, an ultrasound is conducted around 20 weeks.

You Eat for Two People

While many mothers believe that they should or are eating for two, it is important to understand that this eating goal isn’t healthy at all. Eating for two can be defined as increasing the caloric intake instead of eating twice the amount you do. Media professionals or experts advise pregnant women to eat around 300 additional calories every day during their trimesters.

Pregnancy Accompanies Restrictions on Intimacy

You might have heard that pregnant women should not engage in intimate activities during their nine-month journey. However, there are no restrictions unless and until the doctor or gynaecologists recommend some. Instead, having intercourse during pregnancy might be beneficial. It is because sperm contains prostaglandin – a hormone that softens the cervix to stimulate labour. So, you can engage in safe sex during pregnancy, but it is always better to consult with your doctor or gynaecologists for the same.

You Cannot Exercise Throughout Pregnancy

A lot of people believe that exercising during pregnancy can be harmful to the development of the baby. However, it is exactly the opposite. Exercising can help alleviate pregnancy symptoms, but it is not advisable to engage in strenuous workouts.

It is safe to say that exercises can vary according to the trimesters and your overall health condition. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor for the exercises or workouts that are most suitable for you.

Heartburn in Pregnancy Indicates that the Baby has a Lot of Hair

This misconception leaves many flabbergasted since its roots are unknown, and the myth is nothing short of funny. Even though many pregnant women suffer from heartburn, it has no relation to the myth. In case the pain makes you feel uneasy or stresses you, please consult with your caregiver.


To all the pregnant women out there, please do not believe all the statements or myths passed down to you. It is best to consume information from a pregnancy app or talk with reliable sources to have correct information that will not disturb your pregnancy journey.

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