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Why Should Pregnant Women Listen to Garbh Sanskar Music
Why Should Pregnant Women Listen to Garbh Sanskar Music?
Why Should Pregnant Women Listen to Garbh Sanskar Music

Why Should Pregnant Women Listen to Garbh Sanskar Music?

The nine-month journey of a pregnant woman is no less than a roller coaster ride accompanying a range of emotions. Multiple highs and lows throughout the trimesters can result in pregnancy depression, and garbh sanskar activities recommended on our pregnancy app, especially garbh sanskar music, are one of the best techniques to create and maintain a positive environment for the mother and the unborn.

So, continue reading to understand the concept of Garbh Sanskar music for pregnancy.

Listening to Garbh Sanskar Music During Pregnancy

Garbh Sanskar includes practicing several activities and bringing in necessary lifestyle changes to promote the mental and physical development of the unborn. Garbh Sanskar is divided into Garbh Sangeet, Garbh Samvad, and Garbh Prathna, and this blog focuses on the first part, i.e., Garbh Sangeet, which means Garbh Sanskar music.

The practice of Garbh Sanskar music means playing and listening to certain types of songs and mantras, like the gayatri mantra during pregnancy, that can positively affect the environment and baby’s development.

What to Listen During Pregnancy?

Listening to Indian classical music is highly recommended during pregnancy. It is believed that traditional Indian music triggers the highest fetal reaction, which can be as high as 84%. It is proven that Indian classical music can boost the development of the unborn’s mind during the third trimester.

The calming melodies and rhythms can create a relaxing and calming environment for the development of the unborn and the mother. It can also help reduce anxiety and stress levels, which can further boost the emotional development of the unborn. However, we understand that everyone likes to listen to music according to their tastes and preferences, so here’s a list of certain types of ragas and music that are extremely beneficial; ultimately, the choice is yours!

Indian ragas:

  • Raga Madhmadh
  • Raga Jaunpuri
  • Raga Komal Asavari
  • Raga Bairangi
  • Raga Todi

As an expecting mother, you can also listen to things like:

  • Religious slokas/mantra/kirtan
  • Vedic Mantra
  • Ram Raksha Stotra
  • Pregnancy-related podcast
  • Isht Mantra
  • Pregnancy-specific meditation

How Does Listening to Garbh Sanskar Music Help During Pregnancy?

There are several benefits of listening to Garbh Sanskar music online, of which some of them are:

  • Healthy fetal development & growth
  • Positive environment
  • Creates a strong bond between the unborn child & the mother
  • Help tackle the mood swings
  • Prevent pregnancy depression
  • Boost the unborn’s brain development
    Better sleeping habits
  • Improves emotional health

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Listening to Garbh Sanskar Music During Pregnancy?


  • Choose your favorite calming and soothing music and create a relaxing playlist
  • Listen at a healthy volume
  • Chant and listen to Garbh Sanskar mantra
  • Explore different music types like instrumental, classical, and nursery rhymes
  • Make sure to listen to good music for baby in womb


  • Avoid listening to music with loud and heavy beats
  • Don’t listen at a high volume
  • Avoid using earphones or headphones for a long time
  • Don’t listen to depressing or sad songs throughout the pregnancy

Wrapping Up

The unborn baby growing in the mother’s womb can start hearing from the third trimester, which is why it is extremely important to be careful of what you hear as the mother-to-be. Make sure to listen to calming rhythms and soothing music that is sure to uplift your mood and spread positivity in the environment.

To know more about healthy garbh sanskar practices, download our garbh sanskar app in English.